Cabernet for Care Summer

Cabernet for Care Summer

Summer Offering
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A Sharing of Two Passions; Making Wine & Making a Difference.
Simply said, you pay 50% of retail while we trust you to donate the other 50% to a charitable cause of your choice.

Current Offering

2002 Estate Cabernet
Retail: $100.00
Cab for Care: $50

If you do not have a charity in mind for your 50% donation, may I suggest the UpValley FamilyCenters. Otherwise, any charity of your choice is welcome.


In the summer of 2008 Laurie Claudon & Tom Clark searched for a connection between their two passions; making wine and making a difference. Out of that process, “Cabernet for Care” was created.

Initially, Laurie chose a non-profit to support through Cab for Care.  The wine was offered at a 50% discount while the other 50% was donated to that charity.  The customer would then receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Since then the program has evolved into a very basic format.  Simply said, the customer pays 50% of retail for the allocated wine while promising to donate the other 50% to a charitable cause of their choice. There are no checks and balances, but rather a sense of trust.

Over the years, Cabernet for Care has quietly supported cancer research, wounded veterans, mentally and physically challenged children, and educational programs among others. 

“It is impossible not to be proud of how Cabernet for Care has brought together good people and needy causes; so simple yet so powerful!”
— Laurie Claudon

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