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Tom Clark

A graduate of Cal Poly, Tom came to the Napa Valley in 1974 joining a group of enthusiastic young people whose hard work and vision created what Napa Valley is today.  From Souverain Management Company to El Retiro Vineyards (now Screaming Eagle) to Spring Mountain Winery, Tom mastered the art of wine growing. Then, in 1978 he founded Clark Vineyard Management Company.

Over the course of the next ten years Tom managed and developed vineyards from one end of the Napa Valley to the other.  In 1989 his dream of developing his own vineyard came true.  From that point forward Tom focused most of his energy on Clark-Claudon Vineyards while continuing to manage a few key properties.  Then in 2001, seeing son Joshua’s desire to grow Clark Vineyard Management, Tom passed the company to him.
To this day, Tom is not a gentleman farmer, but instead one whose traditional love for the work and the land overshadow all else. There is nowhere he would rather be than in the vineyard with a redtail hawk flying overhead.

Joshua Clark

Simply said, Josh grew up among the vines in Napa Valley often playing, and then working along side his dad, at Clark Vineyard Management Company and Clark-Claudon Vineyards.  After graduating from Cal Poly in 1997 with a major in Agricultural Engineering Technology and a minor in Agricultural Business, Josh managed a large vineyard operation in Paso Robles.  He enjoyed the work, but missed the Napa Valley. 
Consequently, in 1999 Joshua returned to the Napa Valley to work with both Clark Vineyard Management and Clark-Claudon Vineyards.  Given Joshua’s ambitions to grow CVM it was not long before Tom proudly passed the company to him.  Josh now works with many prestigious winemakers and vineyard properties throughout Napa Valley while maintaining his integral role of vineyard manager at Clark-Claudon Vineyards.  Josh’s experience and state of the art knowledge continue to be a tremendous asset to the family business. 

Consultant; Kelly Maher

Kelly Maher, raised in St. Helena, is a second-generation vintner who began working in the vineyards at a very young age. He studied both Viticulture and Horticulture at Fresno State University and then pursued further studies in Viticulture as well as Plant Physiology at U.C. Davis.

After completion of school, Kelly served as Director of Vineyard Operations for the Clos Du Val Wine Company and then went on to become Director of Vineyard Operations for Domaine Chandon. He founded his own consulting business in 2002 and has consulted in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, France, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico.  Kelly has consulted for Clark-Claudon Vineyards since 2001. His scientific background and experience is invaluable to our vineyard team.

Vineyard Crew

Simply said, the wine industry would not exist without the expertise and hard work of the vineyard crews. Most of the men who work in our vineyard have done so for many years. We appreciate their well honed skills, friendship, work ethic and commitment to excellence.

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Photos by Briana Marie Photography