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The Clark-Claudon Family Vineyard; 18 acres carved out of 117 acres, is located on the north east side of Howell Mountain between 800 ft and 1,000 ft elevation.  It’s shallow, mountain soils, cool evening breezes and excellent sun exposure are ideal for a low yield of small, intense Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot grapes.

With expansive 360 degree views, the vineyard is double planted on the terraces utilizing both the inside and outside contours. This close planting coupled with the shallow soils provokes the vines to struggle just enough to develop beautiful character. The varying elevations, exposures and soil depths also result in different ripening schedules.  Consequently, there are typically three weeks between the first harvest date and the last.  This results in five to eight small, distinct harvest lots.

Our farming philosophy of working with nature is supported by sustainable, low impact and state of the art viticultural practices throughout each season. These include expert water and canopy management, attracting natural predators through the use of hawk, kestrel and song bird boxes as well as providing both a cover crop and surrounding plants that house beneficial insects. The forest, brook and meadows that comprise the balance of the 117  acres are conserved for the abundant birds and wildlife who call it home.

The vineyard is a beautiful place to enjoy nature, peacefulness, family and friends. From season to season it produces exceptional fruit and feeds our family’s soul as we practice the age-old art of wine growing.

The Eternity Vineyard, located at 1700 ft elevation on Howell Mountain, is our tiny Bordeaux field blend named in honor of our daughter Briana’s marriage to Brian Forgie in the year 2000.  Located at the family home, Briana walked with her dad, Tom through the Eternity Vineyard on her way to a garden ceremony.  It was a Celtic celebration immortalized by a piece of glass art, “Eternity”, created by glass artist, Franci Claudon; www.magpiestudiodesign.com.

Wild Iris Sauvignon Blanc

The fruit for our Wild Iris Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from the Napa Valley, tiny Lamb Benz Vineyard. Since it is under the management of Clark Vineyard Management, our complete control assures exquisite fruit from vintage to vintage.

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Photos by Briana Marie Photography