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In 1974, shortly after their Peace Corp assignment in Colombia, Tom Clark and Laurie Claudon came to the Napa Valley, new baby boy in tow.  Immediately caught up in the infectious energy, they were ready to take their place among a small group of visionary grape growers and winemakers. Together, that group of pioneers laid the foundation for the unrivaled status of today’s Napa Valley.

Over the next four years as their family grew. Tom continued to refine his grape growing expertise and Laurie learned along with him.  In 1979, Tom founded Clark Vineyard Management and began developing and managing vineyards under his own company.

Then in 1989 pressed by a friend, Tom and Laurie hiked a piece of property on the north east side of Howell Mountain.  Though unproven, it was the proverbial love at first sight and ideal for a Cabernet vineyard.   Because of Tom’s considerable reputation, the sellers desire to support the purchase and the couple’s willingness to bet on themselves, they leased and developed the property while eventually exercising their option to buy.  Working together, the family joked about calling it Sweat Equity, but the vineyard they developed would become Clark-Claudon Vineyards.

Their business was founded in the old tradition of family winemaking where the art begins in the vineyard and ends with a beautiful bottle of wine. The name Clark-Claudon and the logo's meeting of the two feathers represent a joint commitment to the pursuit of their dream and to the preservation of the environment that supports it. Since then, Clark-Claudon Vineyards has received critical acclaim for their Estate Grown Cabernet, Eternity Reserve Estate Cabernet and their Wild Iris Sauvignon Blanc.

To this day, Clark-Claudon Vineyards is a family affair.

Laurie, the soul of Clark-Claudon, manages the business, public relations and marketing while staying in close contact with the vineyard and the winemaking.

Tom directs production and manages the vineyard with son Joshua who now owns Clark Vineyard Management with his wife Heather.

Daughter, Briana, a professional photographer, is the resident photographer and design guru; www.brianamariephotography.com.

Son-in-law Brian, often Tom's assistant, plays too many roles to list!

The third generation: Brandon, Trevor, Josephine, Paxton and Finley are growing up in this very special world.

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Photos by Briana Marie Photography