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2010 Clark-Claudon Estate Cabernet

Production Notes

Grape Source: 17 Acre, NV, Hillside, Estate, Certified Sustainable/Green
Varietal Content: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol Content: 14.5%
Aging: 2 years French Oak, 2 years Bottle; 65% new
Winemaking Team: Frederic Delivert & Jean Hoefliger
Vineyard Management: Tom Clark & Josh Clark; Clark Vineyard Management
GM & Marketing: Laurie Claudon
Photography/Special Projects: Briana Clark Forgie
Retail Price: $80
Production (cases): 480 Case

2010 Clark-Claudon Estate Cabernet

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Location, location, location; again it made the difference in 2010.  Following night harvest and triple sorting, the berries from each harvest lot produced a deep purple flow into French Oak barrels.  There they began the next two years of their life.  In barrel they were hand punched down three times a day, facilitating optimum color, and flavor development as well as gently integrating tannins.  

The artful blending of this vintage not only included the 5 harvest lots, but also the individual barrels from each of those lots.  Exploring the resulting combinations was a winemakers dream!


Our 2010 Estate Cabernet will greet you with its beautiful deep ruby color and hints of geranium on the rim. From there enjoy a spectacular burst of boysenberry, blueberry and black currant, plus undertones of honeycomb, crème brulee, spicy oak and sage.  After a velvety entrance, this wine is packed with juicy black cherry, dark stone fruit, a rich round mid-pallet, perfect balance and fine tanins. Enjoy the lingering notes of quinine and the long cedar, fruit and dark chocolate finish.  Pure splendor in a glass!

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Photos by Briana Marie Photography