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2013 Wild Iris Sauvignon Blanc
The 2013 Wild Iris, first shows its delicate side with an initial nose of fresh cut cassis buds and small white flowers. It then opens to Myer lemon and kumquat aromas with light spicy notes of white pepper and elusive vanilla-ginger. In the mouth enjoy a smooth balance of creaminess and crispness reminiscent of a ripe Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc. The 2013 Iris is a very complex wine leaving you with a long finish of mango and passion fruit. Enjoy!
2011 Eternity
It takes three generations to produce a wine of this caliber; the wisdom of the first generation, the second generation’s drive to continue raising the bar and the playfulness of the youngest generation to feed inspiration along the way. The result is a sumptuous, 2011 Estate Grown, Napa Valley beauty.
2010 Clark-Claudon Estate Cabernet
Ah, beautiful deep ruby color and hints of geranium on the rim. A spectacular burst of boysenberry, blueberry and black currant, plus undertones of honeycomb, crème brulee, spicy oak and sage. A velvety wine packed with juicy black cherry and dark stone fruit, perfect balance and fine tanins. Finish with long lingering notes of quinine, cedar, ripe fruit and dark chocolate. Pure splendor in the glass!
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Photos by Briana Marie Photography