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Welcome to Vintner’s Brand, for the serious enthusiast or the wine loving seeker, this hands-on adventure includes every aspect of the journey. 

The wine world is infectious, but for most people their passion is limited to consuming, collecting and visiting wine growing areas.  The actual making of a world class, Napa Valley wine; to be enjoyed, shared and sold, remains out of reach.  Yet, for a limited group, we would like to change that. 

From harvest to bottle to market participants will experience this labor of love with all the pleasure along the way.  By completion, each “Vintner” will have extensive knowledge, experiences and stories to share for a lifetime as well as 12 exceptional cases of personally made and labeled Napa Valley Cabernet.  It is our hope that Vintner’s Brand will grow great friendships as we share our passion and forty years of experience.

Please contact Laurie Claudon; laurie@clarkclaudon.com or 707-965-9393 with any questions or to sign up for one of the individual/small group participant slots. If you have friends who might be interested, please share this information with them.

Expect the experience of a lifetime,

Tom & Laurie

Tom Clark & Laurie Claudon

© 2015 Clark-Claudon Vineyards
Photos by Briana Marie Photography