Clark-Claudon auction lot up 40%

Premiere Napa Valley

By the time the last gavel came down on Premiere Napa Valley; a record breaking $3.2 million had been raised!!!  That is 31% higher than last year. Our 2010, five case barrel lot went even higher; 40% higher than the 2011 event!

Held last weekend, Premiere Napa Valley welcomes national and international trades people who come to enjoy Napa Valley hospitality and to taste upcoming wines and unique barrel lots.  The event culminates with an exciting, fast moving auction where the trade bids on the lots they plan to sell to their customers.

The event is always a dependable barometer of how the industry is fairing.  Given the incredible results, Napa Valley is up and Clark~Claudon is way up!

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Photos by Briana Marie Photography