1993-2007 Vertical Tasting

1993-2007 Vertical Tasting

Our family, along with winemaker Frederic Delivert, sat down to the amazing task of reviewing our wines from the inaugural 1993 to the upcoming 2007.

We had three objectives;

  1. Facilitate Frederic's in depth knowledge of our wines from vintage to vintage
  2. Evaluate where we have been & where we are going
  3. Celebrate 15 years of Clark-Claudon history

There was much to celebrate!!!

Year to year these stellar wines were bright, fresh, balanced, beautifully rich & alluringly sexy, while most had the acidity & back bone to assure continued aging. Importantly, they were not only amazingly delicious, but they were also consistently flawless.

Favorites of the Tasting; the 1995, 2005 & the Upcoming 2007
These 3 vintages were unanimous favorites. Each was a perfect example of what you look for in a truly great Cabernet; deep dark color, exquisite aromas, rich full mouth feel, beautiful structure, perfect balance, well integrated tannins & a long sumptuous finish. These are sexy wines that speak of place!

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Photos by Briana Marie Photography