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“If you build it...,” Eternity on the Move, Thirsty?

“If you build it they will come.”

The adage, “If you build it they will come,” not only applies to the movie Field of Dreams, but also to the use of birds in sustainable farming. Did you know that a family of four owls will eat 4,000 rodents in a season or that Bluebirds will eat the insects that could damage a vineyard? If you hike the vineyard with Tom Clark you would know this and more about the role that birds play in sustainable agriculture.

Tom is not only a bird lover, but also a consultant concerning the use of birds to eradicate potentially damaging vineyard pests. With infectious enthusiasm Tom teaches, evaluates and then builds and installs bird houses throughout the Napa Valley. If you drive through the valley and up into the hills you will see evidence of his expertise. His success is tangible as Bluebirds move in within hours of installation and raptors sit sentry from their new homes.

Tom believes that by working with nature farmers can curtail the use of pesticides and poisons. It is the land that makes the wine possible. We feel responsible for protecting it!

Eternity Traveling Far & Wide

Eternity Reserve Cabernet is now being enjoyed in Canada, Japan and the Netherlands…amazing how the word spreads!

Thirsty? We have some beautiful wines for you.

Good bye 2015, Hello New Year!

2015 was quite a year!  The continued drought had a major impact in the vineyard.  Bud break and consequently harvest were both very early.  Plus, continued lack of rain prompted the vines to hold on to their resources resulting in one of the smallest harvests across the Napa Valley. We were down 30%!

Yet, what the vines took in production they gave back in quality.  The 2015 vintage is absolutely awesome; rich, silky and beautiful.  You can expect these wines to be in high demand with very little to go around.

In 2015 our Eternity Reserve Cabernet’s following continued to grow. Our 2012 & 2013 Cabernets received stellar reviews and high scores from Robert Parker and James Laube and the 2014 Wild Iris was sold out within months of release.  Thanks to our team; Josh Clark of Clark-Vineyard Management and winemakers Frederic Delivert & Jean Hoefliger for these great wines!

Watch for our 2015 Wild Iris release and 2011 Three Stones Cabernet for Care offering in February.  Our 2013 Eternity release will not be too far behind followed by the 2013 traditional Estate Cabernet next fall. We can’t wait to share these wines with you.

Happy New Year!

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Photos by Briana Marie Photography